AdultsThis service is offered to adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other intellectual disabilities. Our consultants work in partnership with the family and other service providers to systematically teach new skills and address problem behaviours. The primary goal is to ensure successful inclusion of the individual in the home and community and durable positive change in their quality of life. We deliver our services in line with the key components of positive behaviour support (see below) and embrace the values that guide the process to improve the quality of life of those whom we serve.

Key Components of Positive Behaviour Support


  • Prevention and reduction of challenging behaviour occurs within the context of increased quality of life, inclusion, participation, and the defense and support of valued social roles
  • Constructional approaches to intervention design build stakeholder skills and opportunities and eschew aversive and restrictive practices
  • Stakeholder participation informs, implements and validates assessment and intervention practices

Theory and Evidence-Based

  • An understanding that challenging behaviour develops to serve important functions for people
  • The primary use of applied behaviour analysis to assess and support behaviour change
  • The secondary use of other complementary, evidence-based approaches to support behaviour change at multi-levels of a system


  • A data driven approach to decision making at every stage
  • Functional assessment to inform function based intervention
  • Multicomponent interventions to change behaviour (proactively) and manage behaviour (reactively)
  • Implementation support, monitoring and evaluation of interventions over the long term

Gore, N. J., McGill, P., Toogood, S., Allen, D., Hughes, J. C., Baker, P., … & Denne, L. D. (2013). Definition and scope for positive behavioural support. International Journal of Positive Behavioural Support3(2), 14-23.

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