Please review the eligibility criteria before completing the registration form.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Participant:

  • Is 19 years or older
  • Is comfortable and willing to participate within a group setting
  • Does not engage in challenging behaviour that may disrupt the group or pose a safety risk
  • Is motivated to learn about the HRS content
  • Has functional communication (e.g., uses verbal language, AAC, ASL, etc.)
  • Has the cognitive capacity to understand simple verbal instructions
  • Has identified gaps in knowledge or challenges related to healthy relationships and sexuality


  • Some activities include the use of fine motor skills. The support person is welcome to join the group if the person served needs support to participate.
  • Some of the content is explicit and may cause discomfort for some individuals
  • Fill out the form below and we can begin the registration process.

  • General Information

  • Medical Information

  • Personal Profile

    If yes, please complete support staff/family member information below.
  • If participant uses sign language, please complete information below regarding support staff/family member that will assist participant with sign language interpretation.

    Support Staff/Family Member Information

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