LINK! Safety, Relationships, Sexuality

Sexual Health Education for Children, Youth and Adults with Diverse Abilities

Individuals who have a developmental disability, intellectual disability or identify as neuro-diverse, often find it difficult to receive sexual health education that is sufficiently adapted to meet their needs. Misinformation and lack of accessible sexual health education, can lead to socially inappropriate behaviours that put the individual and others at risk. Research has proven that education about healthy sexuality and gender expression reduces a person’s vulnerability and increases their safety in the community.

The LINK! curriculum developed by posAbilities, provides individuals with diverse abilities relevant sexual health information and empowers them to explore their sexuality in a safe and healthy manner. LINK! focuses on topics such as: public vs private, puberty, sexual health rights, online safety, relationships, sex and the law, and more.

Training Format

There are two initial sessions designed as pre-requisites, with each subsequent session focusing on specific topics. Individuals can select the topics they wish to attend, which ensures that all information they receive is relevant and of interest to them. All sessions are 1-2 hours in length and facilitated by a certified Sexual Health Educator.

LINK! is offered in small group format in these regions:

  • Metro Vancouver
  • Okanagan region
  • Vancouver Island (South/Central)

Contact us to explore designing a group that best meets the needs of the individuals you support. If you are interested in designing your own group, or would like information on education delivered in a 1:1 format, contact us.

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LINK! Sexual Health Education Sessions

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