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Triple P™ Stepping Stones

Helping parents take the stress out of parenting


Being a parent is a rewarding experience but it is not always easy!

We offer Triple P™ Stepping Stones , a positive parenting program that aims to make parenting children with a disability easier.  Its effectiveness is supported by 30 years of research and has proven to provide parents and care providers with a helpful, positive approach to raising children.

Triple P™ Stepping Stones is for every parent with a child (up to 12 years of age) with an intellectual disability, whether it is for specific problems for advice on common everyday issues. It provides simple and practical strategies to help parents build confidence and develop new skills and set their child up for success.

Triple P™ Stepping Stones  is offered in two different formats: Standard (Individual) and Group

Standard Triple P™ Stepping Stones

(Individual, 1:1 format offered in your family home)

The Standard  Triple P™ Stepping Stones is offered to individual families in a 1:1 format in the comfort of their own home. A Certified Triple P™ facilitator will work directly with you in a structured format over the course of ten weeks with seven (1-2 hour) sessions and three (30 minutes) phone sessions.

Triple P™ Individual Information (PDF)

Group Triple P™ Stepping Stones

(Group format offered in a community setting)

Group Triple P™ Stepping Stones is program is offered to a group of 3-8 families at a local community site facilitated by Triple P™ Certified Behaviour Consultants from Laurel Behaviour Support Services. The program is delivered over the course of nine weeks involving six sessions in the classroom and three 1:1 phone sessions.

Triple P™ Group Information (PDF)

How to access the program:

Both Standard and Group Triple P™ Stepping Stones are offered as a fee for service or families can access the program using the child’s autism funding.

If you are a parent or a service provider looking to access the Triple P™ program, please contact us at: (778) 945-1435 or Toll Free at: 1 (855) 437 7095 or by email at

If you would like to meet with us in person we would be happy to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your current concerns and vision for your child and review the Triple P™ format that may be best suited to your needs. Please click on the link below to complete the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting.

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